Deploying RHEV 3.6 pt4 (Provision VMs)

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We’re moving right along in this series of deploying RHEV. Up until now, we’ve been busy getting our basic underpinnings in place: management platform (RHEV-M), hypervisors, and storage (data domain & ISO domain). Now that those underpinnings are in fact there, we can put things together and actually get some basic work done.

While later on we’ll want to do fun things like deploy multi-tier applications or build a self-service portal, we need to see how things are done from a base standpoint, and that is what this initial series of RHEV 3.6 posts has been about.

When provisioning a VM in RHEV, the underlying virtual disk is created stored in a “data” domain. Just as in the physical world, the operating system can be deployed from any number of media, such as DVD or PXE. In this particular example, we’re going to use a DVD image stored in its ISO format. Once a VM is created, it can be used immediately to host an application or used to generate a “golden image” or template. (I’ll cover building templates in a later post.)

The actual process of provisioning a VM from ISO image is very straightforward in RHEV-M:

  1. Log into RHEV-M
  2. The Virtual Machines tab is selected by default
  3. Click on the “New” button to initiate the “Create Virtual Machine” dialog box
  4. Choose the appropriate options for your VM
  5. Click “OK”
  6. Select “Run Once”
  7. Choose your ISO image from the drop down menu, click OK
  8. Click on the “monitor” icon to view and interact with the RHEL installer

That’s it! Let’s look at the demo (best viewed in full screen):

As with anything else in RHEV, VMs can be created and manipulated from the REST API or even CloudForms in order to automate things. And if you paid attention to my earlier posts, that is where I am headed with this series – I want to to show you how to build a your own “Infrastructure as a Service” with RHEV as the base.

As always, don’t be shy with the questions or comments.

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Captain KVM

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