Live from VMworld!!

Hi folks, yup, I’m at VMworld this week. Sounds odd, huh? What exactly am I doing at VMworld, you ask? Great question. Preaching the gospel, brothers and sisters, preaching the gospel. KVM, that is…

Ok, maybe I’m laying on a bit thick. Seriously though, Red Hat has 2 booths back to back this year at VMworld – one labeled “Red Hat” as one would expect, the other labeled “Ansible”. We’re extolling the virtues of Red Hat Virtualization, CloudForms, and Ansible this year in addition to anything else that anyone wants to ask about.

That begs the question, “do folks really want to hear about Red Hat Virtualization at VMworld?” The answer is a resounding “YES”. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of folks at the show that won’t give us the time of day, and that’s alright. There are plenty more that come by  see demo’s of RHV. And get the shirts, hats, and stickers. Here’s a pic my colleague Jonathan G. took while I wasnt’ paying attention:


And we’re having a good time answering all the questions..

Captain KVM