Updated Technical Report on RHEV 3.0 & NetApp Storage

Hi all,

NetApp TR-3914 was originally released last year to cover the best practices between RHEV 2 and NetApp Data ONTAP 7.3.3. I’ve very happy to announce that the TR has been updated for RHEV 3.0 and NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0.1 (7 mode).


Captain KVM

Mixing Thick and Thin Hypervisors in a RHEV 3 Environment

If you’ve checked out both RHEV 3 as well as running KVM on RHEL 6, you’ve no doubt found pros and cons for going one way or the other with your hypervisors. RHEV-H offers a simple appliance approach that is already tuned and configured. KVM on RHEL 6 allows for customization while still offering the benefits of the high-speed KVM hypervisor. Which one should you use?

Simple. Use both. Continue reading “Mixing Thick and Thin Hypervisors in a RHEV 3 Environment”