Mounting NetApp Clustered ONTAP NFS exports in RHEV 3.1

Hi folks,

Just thought I’d update you on something you may need to throw in your bag of tricks. This one has to do with getting a NetApp NFS export mounted and initialized properly in RHEV 3.1. I’m putting this out there as it seems to be just a little different than before and without this little tip you might get frustrated enough to put a pen through your monitor… Continue reading “Mounting NetApp Clustered ONTAP NFS exports in RHEV 3.1”

Use Cases for Both RHEV Snapshots and NetApp SnapShot copies

Hi folks,

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I would start review some of my favorite new features in RHEV 3.1. This week I tackle the first topic: Live Snapshots. But I can’t leave well enough alone; I also compare it to NetApp SnapShot copies. Not to show that one is better than another – only to highlight different use cases. Read on!! Continue reading “Use Cases for Both RHEV Snapshots and NetApp SnapShot copies”

RHEV 3.1 is Live!!

Hi folks,

It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t had much time left to do things like blog or get my hands dirty in technology. Luckily, things are winding down now for me enough that I’ll be able to do both over the next several weeks. And this is perfect timing as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is live as of yesterday.

RHEV 3.1 adds some much requested features such as Storage Live Migration, Live SnapShots, and a bunch of other really useful, not to mention highly requested, tools. As I redeploy my lab environment in Research Triangle Park, I’ll be testing out these new features and reporting back to you from here. More importantly, I’ll be testing against Clustered ONTAP (I have a few posts where I refer to it by its old name, ONTAP Cluster-Mode) and talking about how the new RHEV features work with NetApp as well as use cases.

Here are the things that I really look forward to testing and blogging on:

  • RHEV Linux CLI
  • Bridge-less networks
  • Live Snapshots
  • Direct LUNs
  • Storage Live Migration

What about you? Is there something you want looked at in the context of RHEV 3.1 and/or NetApp? Leave a question in the comments section.

Captain KVM