pNFS – This is where the rubber meets the road..

Hi folks,

In October of 2012, I wrote a blog post on using pNFS as a means of scaling out your KVM-based virtualization environment. I kept it mostly high level as I wanted it to be more academic than hands on. Today, I’d like to switch that around and make this post more hands on in order to show you how to attach your pNFS client to a pNFS server. Continue reading “pNFS – This is where the rubber meets the road..”

Using pNFS to Scale Out RHEL & KVM

A few weeks ago, I talked about “Storage Virtualization & Scaling Out Your KVM-based Virtual Infrastructure”. I want to expand on that theme, and I’ll probably do that several times over the next few months.  This time, I’ll focus a bit more on one of the specific ways that we can truly scale on demand with RHEL 6, KVM, & NetApp Clustered ONTAP using pNFS (Parallel NFS). Continue reading “Using pNFS to Scale Out RHEL & KVM”