OVN and Red Hat Virtualization: Installing OVN

Hi folks, in the last article I provided an overview and introduction to OVN. This time around, I’ll provide a walkthrough on how to actually install it in your RHV environment. My colleague Tony created an Ansible playbook to automate the installation, and I’ll share the link to that at the end. Let’s get started. Continue reading “OVN and Red Hat Virtualization: Installing OVN”

Introduction to OVN and Red Hat Virtualization

Hi Folks, recently my friend and colleague, Tony James prepared and delivered an excellent webinar internally at Red Hat on how to configure Open Virtual Networking (OVN) in Red Hat Virtualization. For those of you that are unfamiliar with OVN, or what it offers, allow me to provide you with the proper illumination. Continue reading “Introduction to OVN and Red Hat Virtualization”