Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt1

Hi folks,

We previously finished our multi-part series on deploying RHEL-OSP with the RHEL-OSP-Installer. In a few weeks, if all goes according to plan I’ll fire up a new series on the next gen installer… In the mean time, I’d like to show you some useful things to do once you’ve got everything up and running. So what’s up first? Well, as the title suggests, we’re going to create some custom images.

Specifically for RHEL, Fedora, and CentOS. Our new and current multi-part series… Continue reading “Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt1”

Santa Claus Evaluating OpenStack

That’s quite the headline, right? Well, here’s the backstory.. I was in Dallas, TX this week providing an OpenStack Workshop for some customers and BOOM! One of them happens to be “the” Jolly Old Elf himself..

2014-12-12 13.23.36As you can see his primary name badge for the North Pole even says so.. even though the pic didn’t come out as clear as I’d hoped. But you can clearly see his Red Hat (hah!!) on his badge. (interestingly enough, his other badge was for an airline that I probably don’t have permission to name, but I thought it interesting that Santa works part-time for an airline…)

So what is Old St. Nick evaluating OpenStack for? He wouldn’t quite elaborate yet, but I was able to infer that he has several applications or “lists” that require his checking, along with some mail reading apps that require some elasticity around the holidays. Perhaps there is a tie in with

Hopefully he chooses Red Hat for his OpenStack distribution, but regardless, it’s good to see the even Santa sees the value in Open Source.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Saucy Spaghetti Monster, and Catastrophic Cthulhu to all!!

Captain KVM

OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple

Hi Folks,

I just got back from LinuxCon, KVM Forum, and oVirt Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the city. It’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. One of the questions that came up frequently, whether asked directly to me or indirectly (overheard), was what is NetApp doing here? The other one was, “why is NetApp getting involved with OpenStack”? The second one seemed to have quite a bit of resentment in addition to the genuine curiosity. Back to that later. Continue reading “OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple”

Radio Silence, OpenStack, and a Beta Program

Hi folks,

I apologize for the fact that it’s been so long since I’ve made any kind of post. The fact is, is that I’ve been out for PTO, trade conferences, and training – and I’m just now getting my head above water again.

If you saw me at Red Hat Summit, that would be the trade conference I’m referring to, and for those that came up to say hi or came to my session, thanks!! As for the session, if you saw the end, you saw a demo of the Virtual Storage Console for RHEV that we’re working on.. (If I remember correctly, that was my last post..) I talked about how the VSC for RHEV was in a “limited beta”. I happy to say that we’re quickly coming up on the public beta. I should have an official announcement in the next several days. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see this.

On to OpenStack!! One of the other things that is going on is that I’ve been thrown into the deep end regarding OpenStack. I got to go back to NYC for training on OpenStack and had a blast. I also got to attend the OpenStack meetup/OpenStack 3rd birthday hosted by 10Gen. I’m also in the process of putting together a Red Hat OpenStack (RHOS) lab out of my home base in RTP, NC. And seeing as 70% or more of OpenStack deployments are on KVM, this is right up my alley.

Anyway, I wanted to let you fine folks know what is going on, an assure you that I’ll have some regular posts again soon.

Captain KVM