Using RHEV 3.6 (Live Snapshot)

Don’t you wish there was a way to easily save your hard work beyond building a VM template in RHEV but before it goes into production? That pristine state that matches the template, complies with security, complies with business rules, has all patches, and it has all binaries. Or 2 months later when you get all of your new updates and you add them to your VM’s and you wish you could just build new VMs based on that newly patched VM? You can.

Live Snapshots. Continue reading “Using RHEV 3.6 (Live Snapshot)”

Use Cases for Both RHEV Snapshots and NetApp SnapShot copies

Hi folks,

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I would start review some of my favorite new features in RHEV 3.1. This week I tackle the first topic: Live Snapshots. But I can’t leave well enough alone; I also compare it to NetApp SnapShot copies. Not to show that one is better than another – only to highlight different use cases. Read on!! Continue reading “Use Cases for Both RHEV Snapshots and NetApp SnapShot copies”