Revisiting File System Alignment for Linux

If this is a new blog, how is Captain KVM “revisiting” the topic?

In January of this year, I posted an entry for File System Alignment for Linux VMs on my old blog; I’d like to revisit the topic.  So, why would anyone want to worry about something like “file system alignment” in the first place?  Simple.

Performance.  (You do like performance, right?) Continue reading “Revisiting File System Alignment for Linux”

Announcing the (re)Launch of oVirt

oVirt has been relaunched as of yesterday, and as the official site states, it is ” for anyone that cares about Linux-based KVM virtualization.” oVirt has several corporate sponsers including IBM, Red Hat, NetApp, Intel, Cisco, and SUSE – all of which are providing resources to organize and develop the KVM ecosystem.

If you are interested in joining or contributing to oVirt, there is a workshop scheduled for Nov 1-3 in Sunnyvale, CA – Captain KVM will be there!!  See for more details.  Even if you are unable to attend, it’s a great site if you want to know more about KVM, develop for KVM, or use KVM.


Welcome to Captain KVM!

Hi all,

I’m very excited to launch this blog.. As the title suggests, most of my posts will be around the KVM hypervisor as well as virtualization in general.  My background is heavy on Linux and storage, so my articles may have slant in those directions.

I hope that as you read this blog you will be encouraged to use KVM, regardless of the Linux distribution, and to also interact with me (and others) on this site.