RHEV 3.0 is Live!!

As of today, Red Hat has released RHEV 3.0 which adds some HUGE improvements as compared to RHEV 2.x. Here are some of the highlights:

  • RHEV-M installs from command-line on RHEL 6 (no Windows host dependency)
  • RHEV-H rebased from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6 (gaining several years of improvements)
  • RESTful API

A new upstream project to pull from – oVirt.org (like Fedora for RHEL)

I’ve been using the RHEV 3 beta in his lab for several months and hasn’t had so much as a hiccup. I can’t wait to switch to the G.A. release (new toys!!!).

Congratulations to the RHEV team for this release. For more information on RHEV 3.0, go to :




Welcome to Captain KVM!

Hi all,

I’m very excited to launch this blog.. As the title suggests, most of my posts will be around the KVM hypervisor as well as virtualization in general.  My background is heavy on Linux and storage, so my articles may have slant in those directions.

I hope that as you read this blog you will be encouraged to use KVM, regardless of the Linux distribution, and to also interact with me (and others) on this site.