ESX And RHEL-OSP (Just Say No!!)

Hi folks,

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. So long in fact that I started wondering if I was ever going to get back to it. But here we are and I’m happy say that I just renewed the site and domain name. Better yet, I’m back in a position where I can actually post things. So why am I railing against ESX in my first post back? Is it because I’m anti-VMware or because I’m a Red Hat “fanboy”?  Continue reading “ESX And RHEL-OSP (Just Say No!!)”

3 kinds of visitors to the OpenStack Summit NetApp booth…

Hi folks,

I had a great time in Hong Kong this last week. Pleasant people, beautiful scenery, and OpenStack too. In reality, I was actually there for the OpenStack Summit that heralded the Havana release of the ever-growing cloud platform. But the people and scenery of Hong Kong will have a lasting affect on me as well. I’ll have a little more on the people and scenery later. Continue reading “3 kinds of visitors to the OpenStack Summit NetApp booth…”

Using NetApp Cinder Drivers with OpenStack

Hi folks,

Earlier in the week I talked about how NetApp and OpenStack weren’t such an odd coupling of technologies. I wanted to take things just a little further in this post and show you how to use NetApp storage with OpenStack. Specifically, we’re going to use NetApp storage for Cinder and Glance. And while Glance won’t require anything special, Cinder will require a little driver configuration.

Let’s get to it. Continue reading “Using NetApp Cinder Drivers with OpenStack”

Like OpenStack & NetApp? Need a job?

Hi folks,

It’s been forever (in internet years) since I posted anything. For that, I apologize, but it’s been for a good reason. I’ve been buried in the awesomeness that is OpenStack. The problem is that there is only 1 of me and there really needs to be 3 or 4 of me.

This is where you come in and say, “hey, I’ve been working w/ OpenStack for 2+ years, and I’d like to have a voice in the future of OpenStack!”.

If this sounds like you, then check out this job requisition. Technical Marketing Engineer for OpenStack. At NetApp. Don’t let the “marketing” part of the title scare you away, it just means that you will share what you know, what you learn, and what you engineer with others. It doesn’t mean you have to come up with fluffy descriptions of technical things that makes you want to puke unicorns and rainbows. You’ll get to keep your hands dirty in the technology, then you’ll write a technical report or blog post or present at a trade show. Rinse, repeat.

And if you know OpenStack and related technologies, but don’t know NetApp, it’s ok, we’ll teach you. It’s awesome.

I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now and I love it. Favorite. Job. Ever. And NetApp is a great company to work for..

The job post is for Research Triangle Park (RTP, between Raliegh and Durham) or Austin. But if you’re the right person and you live in the San Fran Bay area, you could make your case.

So there you have it.. the reason for my radio silence and a job opening.. it’s a 2 for 1 blog post!!

Captain KVM

Lab Rebuilt & Initial Thoughts on RHEV 3.1

Hi all,

It’s been several weeks (eons in internet time) since I posted anything. Holidays, shutdowns, health issues, and my day job have kept me away from the blogosphere. And Twittersphere as well. (Is that really a word??) Continue reading “Lab Rebuilt & Initial Thoughts on RHEV 3.1”

oVirt Workshop at KVM Forum/LinuxCon 2012 Europe

I wanted to point out that there is another oVirt Workshop coming up, this time during LinuxCon Europe and KVM Forum in Barcelona. Unfortunately, I can’t make this one as I have conflicting events that week, but I want to help promote it just the same.

Why come to the workshop? The 3 big reasons to come to any oVirt Workshop are:

  • Learn more about oVirt and KVM in general
  • Learn how to contribute and get involved
  • Network with other like-minded folks and leaders in the community

The dates are November 7 through November 9 and you can browse the schedule of sessions at . If you’re already going to KVM Forum, try and make it to the oVirt Workshop.

Captain KVM

What happens when you assume your customers will stick around forever?

Guest post by Adam Mendoza

It’s been said that once you get a hold of a good thing, you never let it go. That may be true in relationships or perhaps your favorite ice cream flavor, but it certainly isn’t true about technology, especially virtualization technology. Continue reading “What happens when you assume your customers will stick around forever?”

Small Meetings & Over-Architecting Solutions

Man, it’s been forever since I posted anything. At least it feels like it. I’ve actually started a few articles, but my heart wasn’t in the specific topics. I don’t want to write a blog “just to hear myself speak” or just to blather on about trendy buzzwords.

I want to have an impact on the daily life of my fellow technologists, especially those that work with virtualization and storage. Continue reading “Small Meetings & Over-Architecting Solutions”