Strategy for Utilizing Scale Out Storage for Cloud & Virtualization Platforms

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I’m finishing up my week at Red Hat Summit, sitting in a coffee shop in downtown San Francisco. I spent the week in customer meetings, pulling booth duty, showing demos, and presenting a handful of sessions.. And here I am with my laptop, and my coffee, writing about my laptop and coffee.. I’ve officially become a walking (sitting?) cliché.

Anyway, as the title suggests this time, I want to cover a great strategy for taking advantage of scale-out storage for virtualization and/or cloud. It’s certainly not the only way, but it works very well. Don’t let the NetApp visuals scare you away – some of what I’m sharing will apply regardless of the scale-out platform you’re utilizing. I’ll point out the things that are likely unique to NetApp. Continue reading “Strategy for Utilizing Scale Out Storage for Cloud & Virtualization Platforms”

Live Migration of Storage and Storage Connections for KVM & OpenStack

In this most current post, I wanted to cover 2 of the core features of NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP and tie it specifically to how it really helps KVM (and OpenStack) scale. While this is meant to be a tech discussion, not a sales pitch, I can’t help but point out that this article shows you some things you can do with NetApp that you can’t do with any other storage, be it “enterprise” or “commodity”. Continue reading “Live Migration of Storage and Storage Connections for KVM & OpenStack”

OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple

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I just got back from LinuxCon, KVM Forum, and oVirt Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the city. It’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. One of the questions that came up frequently, whether asked directly to me or indirectly (overheard), was what is NetApp doing here? The other one was, “why is NetApp getting involved with OpenStack”? The second one seemed to have quite a bit of resentment in addition to the genuine curiosity. Back to that later. Continue reading “OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple”

VSC for RHEV beta is live!

Hi folks,

I’m very happy to announce that the beta for the Virtual Storage Console for RHEV is officially available for 1 month, starting about an hour ago. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this as this integration has been a long time coming.

So, how do you get in on the beta program? Go to, and either login or register (free) and then login.. (The register button is in the upper right hand corner.) Once logged in, click the button to request being added to the group. Once you are approved, you will see 2 PDF’s and 2 RPM’s. I strongly suggest grabbing all four. Peruse the Release Notes, then move to the Installation & Administration Guide to see how to deploy the 2 RPM’s and get going…

In the mean time, a HUGE shout out to Chris Morrissey, Dustin Schoenbrun, Ricky Hopper, Chris Suich, Rashid Nadaf, Praveena Palaniswamy, Troy Mangum, Patrick Strick, Greg Blaha of NetApp, and Vojtech Szocs, James Rankin, Andy Cathrow, and Ayal Baron of Red Hat. This was a fairly serious endeavor that took the time and efforts of many people in order to pull this together.

Can’t wait for the GA in November!!!!

Captain KVM

pNFS – This is where the rubber meets the road..

Hi folks,

In October of 2012, I wrote a blog post on using pNFS as a means of scaling out your KVM-based virtualization environment. I kept it mostly high level as I wanted it to be more academic than hands on. Today, I’d like to switch that around and make this post more hands on in order to show you how to attach your pNFS client to a pNFS server. Continue reading “pNFS – This is where the rubber meets the road..”

Mounting NetApp Clustered ONTAP NFS exports in RHEV 3.1

Hi folks,

Just thought I’d update you on something you may need to throw in your bag of tricks. This one has to do with getting a NetApp NFS export mounted and initialized properly in RHEV 3.1. I’m putting this out there as it seems to be just a little different than before and without this little tip you might get frustrated enough to put a pen through your monitor… Continue reading “Mounting NetApp Clustered ONTAP NFS exports in RHEV 3.1”

Using pNFS to Scale Out RHEL & KVM

A few weeks ago, I talked about “Storage Virtualization & Scaling Out Your KVM-based Virtual Infrastructure”. I want to expand on that theme, and I’ll probably do that several times over the next few months.  This time, I’ll focus a bit more on one of the specific ways that we can truly scale on demand with RHEL 6, KVM, & NetApp Clustered ONTAP using pNFS (Parallel NFS). Continue reading “Using pNFS to Scale Out RHEL & KVM”

Presenting with Red Hat at NetApp Insight

Hi folks,

If you’re going to NetApp Insight in Vegas, be sure to come see Chris Tusa of Red Hat and me on Wednesday of that week. We’re presenting on Red Hat & NetApp and we’ll cover the RHEV roadmap, the NetApp integration roadmap, and some joint opportunities.

NetApp Insight (North America)
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
Nov 5-8, 2012
Red Hat Session is Wednesday Nov 7, 2:45-3:45

Hope to see you there!!

Captain KVM

Virtualizing Oracle 11g on RHEV 3.0 & NetApp

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at Red Hat’s mini-theater twice at Oracle Open World. I had a great week splitting my time between the Red Hat and NetApp booths. Since then, I’ve been asked multiple times to share my presentation of Deploying Oracle 11g on RHEV & NetApp, and while I have no issue with that, the embedded demos make it larger than most corporate email systems will allow in or out (mine included). Soooooooo.. I figured, why not just re-work it as a blog post? (warning, this post is a little longer than my other posts.. it didn’t feel right breaking this one up.) Continue reading “Virtualizing Oracle 11g on RHEV 3.0 & NetApp”

What other KVM & NetApp demos would you like to see?

I’m happy to report that the demo on Offload VM Cloning from KVM to the Back-end Storage, pt2 is by far the most popular posting on my little blog since it’s inception late last year.

What other demos would you like to see? What other integration work would you like to see occur between Red Hat and NetApp? Are there other comparisons that you would like me to highlight?

I’d love to get your feedback!

Captain KVM