VSC for RHEV is GA Today!!!

Hi folks,

I’m incredibly happy to announce that after a very long wait and some unexpected delays, the Virtual Storage Console for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization has officially achieved General Availability status as of today! Continue reading “VSC for RHEV is GA Today!!!”

Extending SCSI Timeouts in KVM Guests

Hi folks, today’s post will cover something that came up in the last few days at work. Someone was concerned about any lengthy delay affecting the health of his VM’s virtual disk and therefore the VM. We’ve all seen the aftermath – either the VM falls into a “paused” state, or the disk goes into a read-only state. So, how do you extend the timeout value in KVM for SCSI disks? Continue reading “Extending SCSI Timeouts in KVM Guests”

CentOS Named to be a Red Hat Sponsored Project

Holy crap, this is big news, for a number of reasons. I’ll give you my take on it below, but I’ll also add links from folks that I trust in order to provide additional takes on this momentous occasion. Continue reading “CentOS Named to be a Red Hat Sponsored Project”

NetApp Joins the OVA

Hi folks,

I’m proud to announce that NetApp has formally joined the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) as a governing member, joining the founding member companies HP, IBM, Intel, and Red Hat. You’ll have to excuse me while I temporarily put down my “Captain KVM hat” and put on my “NetApp hat”.

I can already hear you ask, “what is the OVA, and why should I care?” (I won’t make you wait for the answer.) Continue reading “NetApp Joins the OVA”

Favorite New Features in oVirt 3.3

Hi folks,

Thanks for checking out my first new “real” post in quite some time. I’ve been neck deep in OpenStack since I got back from Red Hat Summit and I’ve barely had time to come up for air. I’d like to help announce the release of oVirt 3.3, that came out on the 16th (I’m only 4 days late in talking about it!!). There are a number of new features added and I’m going to highlight my 4 favorites below. Continue reading “Favorite New Features in oVirt 3.3”

Virtual Storage Console for RHEV

If you saw me run this demo live at Red Hat Summit this week, I sincerely appreciate you coming to my session.  For those that were unable to make it to Red Hat Summit, you did in fact miss a great event.

The Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for RHEV is something that I’ve been pushing for some time now and we’ve (NetApp) made significant progress. It’s the kind of integration that really does make things easier for Virtualization Admins and even takes a little load off of a Storage Admin. So what exactly is it? Continue reading “Virtual Storage Console for RHEV”

Recap of the January 2013 oVirt Workshop

The first oVirt Workshop of 2013 was held this past week at NetApp headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. It was a great event and couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout as these workshops are critical to growing the oVirt community of developers and users. Before I get into why it was a success and some of my favorite highlights, I’d like to provide a little background as to what oVirt is as well as why it is important to NetApp. Continue reading “Recap of the January 2013 oVirt Workshop”

oVirt Workshop – January 2013 at NetApp HQ

Hi folks,

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about oVirt and how to get involved, here’s your chance! NetApp is hosting the next oVirt Workshop at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. This is a great opportunity to meet many of the movers and shakers in oVirt.

Additionally, if you’re already doing something in oVirt, the Call for Papers is open. We’d love to hear what you’re working on.

For the full details, including the CFP, agenda, travel info, and registration, please go to the oVirt site – oVirt Workshop.

Captain KVM

How is NetApp integrating with oVirt and RHEV?

Hi folks, this is the 3rd in a series of posts where I talk about NetApp’s involvement with oVirt and RHEV. Previously I talked about how NetApp got involved in the first place, followed up by why NetApp is involved, and today I will conclude with what it is that we’re actually doing. Continue reading “How is NetApp integrating with oVirt and RHEV?”

Captain KVM Presentation at oVirt Workshop / LinuxCon 2012

Hi all,

Just a very short post to share the link on the Linux Foundation site. Someone was kind enough to film my presentation and upload it. Unfortunately, the focus is on my ugly mug the entire time without any of the visuals (demos, slides, etc). But that’s ok, you’ll get the gist of it.


Captain KVM