CentOS Named to be a Red Hat Sponsored Project

Holy crap, this is big news, for a number of reasons. I’ll give you my take on it below, but I’ll also add links from folks that I trust in order to provide additional takes on this momentous occasion. Continue reading “CentOS Named to be a Red Hat Sponsored Project”

Quick Tune for Virtual Linux Guests

Hi folks,

Today I’d like to show you a quick way of tuning your Linux-based virtual machines using the “tuned-adm” command. This command should work with any distribution of Linux on any virtualization platform. Before I show you how to use the command though, I’d like to provide you with an explanation of what is going on under the covers. Continue reading “Quick Tune for Virtual Linux Guests”

Fedora 16 Release Video

Hi all,

If you haven’t had the chance to investigate Fedora 16 (released a month ago), I highly encourage you to view the video below. Some of the Fedora engineers talk about some of the new features around the new Gnome release, online account management, new QA tools, and the community influence that makes Fedora great. Continue reading “Fedora 16 Release Video”