Next Generation Hypervisor – pt1

Hi Folks, a few weeks ago I posted an article on Red Hat’s official blog – Viewing the Horizon from the Cockpit. It talks specifically about the Next Generation Hypervisor or “Next Generation Node” from Red Hat, what went into the design, and why we ripped it apart to put it back together again. I’m revisiting the topic again with the purpose of showing you what the fuss is all about.

Would you like to see it?Taking off my “Red Hat”, I really like what has been done to it. A lot of work has been put into figuring out what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and listening to people like yourselves when it comes to just getting work done. That’s really what it comes down to right? We just want to get our jobs done with good tools. From the engineering standpoint, it sometimes takes hard decisions to gut something that you put time and effort into, like the RHEV Hypervisor.

In short, the Next Generation Node (NGN) looks nothing like the old hypervisor from an architectural standpoint. The old hypervisor was built around the concept of the Live CD. This was done to help reduce the complexity around deployment, management, and attack vector. Unfortunately it also made it inflexible.

The new design uses LVM writable snapshots. We still get a smaller footprint as compared to a “thick” hypervisor, but we gain the ability to add third party packages. Updates and deployment are still very easy; the image is still updated as a whole. Deployment is handled by Anaconda.

Additionally, the text admin interface has been dropped in favor of the “Cockpit” plug-in. Way cool. Remember all of the cool things you could do in the old text admin interface? Yeah, me neither. 😉 Cockpit allows for a bevy of useful tools.. Console access, tuning profile access, service and log access, dashboards. Mind you, it is not meant to compete with RHEV-M, it’s meant to complement it. Perhaps you grant access to a few power users or tenant admins.

Regardless, I’m going to provide my usual embedded video as a means of introducing the the next generation node. This simply shows how easy it is to deploy it. (full screen recommended):

Keep following.. I’ve got another video coming up to highlight how easy it is to update it as well as navigating Cockpit.

Hope this helps!

Captain KVM

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