What you missed at Red Hat Summit 2016

Hi Folks, if you came out to Red Hat Summit, I hope you had a great time. If you were unable to attend, I’ve pulled together some links to some presentations that you might find interesting. I’ve kept them relevant to this blog – KVM or managing KVM based technologies.

Background & History

For those that don’t know, Red Hat Summit is Red Hat’s annual user conference. It’s been held every year starting in 2005. Initially, it was held in different cities across the United States, but for the last few years it has alternated between Boston and San Francisco. I was at the first “Summit” in New Orleans as a customer, then presented 4 years in a row from 2011-2014 as a partner, then went as an employee last year and this year.

When I worked for the big red fedora from ’05 – ’09, I didn’t get to go… Regardless, even when I wasn’t an employee, it was and still is my favorite trade show. I’ve been to most of the big ones several times. I think they’ve gotten to be too big and too long. Red Hat Summit is just about right, but that’s just my opinion. Some of the other shows are literally 10’s of thousands. Red Hat Summit is under 6,000 or so. I don’t know what the final numbers for this year were, it might have been more, so don’t quote me on that…

T-shirts & Stickers

So in an earlier post, I taunted you with t-shirts and stickers. Here’s what I put together for the show. Let me clarify that statement. I came up with the concepts for the t-shirts. Then awesome folks like Dani (designer extraordinaire) or internal designers at Red Hat like Libby Levi brought the concepts to life. Then I turned it over to Sticker Mule for custom stickers (2 or 300) and Planet Logo for t-shirts (750 ?) No, they didn’t pay me to promote them, they just all did phenomenal work in a short amount of time. I just want to give credit where credit is due. 🙂

Here are 2 of the 3 shirts (these went SO fast):

The "meme" shirt
The “meme” shirt

The “meme” shirt was just my take on the classic internet meme around how everyone else might view what a RHEV admin does day-to-day..

The "monster VM" shirt
The “monster VM” shirt

This may or may not be a fun poke… 😉

The stickers were of the monster and the superhero (not shown)..

Links to presentations

On to the presentations!! Aside from viewing the “Partner Pavilion” in order to view random demos and collect random swag (t-shirts, stickers, pens, squeezy stress balls, etc), we go to tech shows to attend sessions. Here are some of the KVM-centric presentations that I’d like to highlight from last week:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and KVM Roadmap
by Scott Herold

Links from Summit 2015 (still good stuff!!)

Red Hat CloudForms Roadmap by John Hardy
(CloudForms can be used to manage RHEV, OpenStack, VMware, AWS, Azure, Hyper-V, and other public clouds…)

Containers vs Virtualization by Jeremy Eder and Scott Herold
It’s actually not “vs” at all… 😉 Both Jeremy and Scott are friends…

OpenStack with Cisco and Red Hat by Duane DeCapite and Karthik Prabhakar
Partner work makes it work.. And Karthik is a another friend..

Tuning RHEL for Databases by Sanjay Rao
(Includes virtualized RHEL!!) and Sanjay is a friend..

Red Hat CloudForms: OpenStack Infrastructure Management by John Hardy
CloudForms is fantastic for managing OpenStack

Using the REST API to Manage RHEV by Robert Locke
A short example that should get you started on your way

Next year..

And next year, Red Hat Summit will return to Boston on May 2-5. Hopefully you can attend. 😉

Hope this helps,

Captain KVM


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