Wireless Bridge to the Rescue!

Hi folks,

In the process of rebuilding my lab in the last few days, I ran into a slight issue with the networking. My cable modem is downstairs and almost everything in the house is wireless. Almost everything. My lab is wired. Running cables down the stairs is not an option and I really don’t want to fish cable through the walls.. so what’s a guy to do?

Set up a wireless bridge!In my old house, the cable modem was in my office, so running cables to the lab was easy and clean. The new house? Not so much. Thus the need to find a new way. So what is this “wireless bridge” I speak of? If you remember your basic networking speak, a bridge connects different kinds of networks. In this case I purchased a pair of Linksys WPA 300N wireless access points, and put them in “wireless bridge” mode.

They need to both have the same settings (password, security, frequency, etc) to communicate with each other. And they also need to be on the same subnet as the cable modem, while using the cable modem as the default gateway. Finally, the MAC address that is listed on the web portal (it’s different from the MAC address printed on the bottom) for each device needs to be entered into the web portal of the other device..

After the configuration time, about 5 minutes or so, I plugged one device into my lab switch and the other device into the cable modem downstairs. BOOM! I had connectivity. Worked like a charm. Piece of cake.

wireless bridge
wireless bridges on both sides

It essentially added a 5GHz wireless interface to one of my lab switches if you think about it. So why did I have to have 2 of them? Because my cable modem doesn’t have a “wireless bridge mode”.. make sense?

So no, this isn’t my typical post, but I thought it might be helpful nonetheless.

hope this helps,

Captain KVM

2 thoughts on “Wireless Bridge to the Rescue!”

  1. Jon.. have u tried ethernet over power adaptors.. you get the full bandwidth over power cables vs RJ45.. you can attach a switch or even have the adaptors extend a wifi SID this way.. awesome for extending wireline speeds to areas in yiur house that might otherwise have a slower wifi performance.. various brands out there.. works great in my house/lab.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by. No I have not, but that sounds ~fantastic~ and I will definitely check it out.

      Captain KVM

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