Hot Adding CPUs to RHEV

Hi folks,

This post means I’m officially back! My new role at the Big Red Fedora started this week and I really wanted to hit the ground running. Plus, RHEV 3.6 launched this month. I want to highlight not only one of the newer features (actually released with version 3.5), but also highlight some of the great work that is being done behind the scenes by one of my colleagues, Sanjay Rao. Continue reading “Hot Adding CPUs to RHEV”

Back in the Saddle?

Hi Folks,

Lots and lots of good things happening in my little corner of the world.. I’m happy to report that here will be much more RHEV content coming up over the next several months due to a new role that I’m taking on. This will include much more time to write and ultimately help all of you out again. Feel free to hit me up in the comments for RHEV-related things that you think might interest you. I can’t guarantee that I will get to all of them, but I’ll try to incorporate what I can.

Thanks for being patient.

Captain KVM