Meet up at Red Hat Summit?

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize. Things got a little hectic, but all is well. I still don’t have time for a proper post, but if you’re going to be in Boston for Red Hat Summit this week, come by the Red Hat Booth. I’ve got “booth duty” for a little bit each day in the Cloud area. (Woohoo!! I’m a booth babe!)

Some of the planned posts I have include using Heat templates, using Ceilometer, and a new multi-part series on the new “RHEL-OSP Director” that will ship with RHEL-OSP 7.

Don’t be afraid to request blog topics in the comments section. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do it, but if I think enough other readers will benefit and it’s within the niche of this blog I’ll will!


Captain KVM

4 thoughts on “Meet up at Red Hat Summit?”

  1. I would appreciate you giving us a good guide in the configurations with the OSP-director. Especially the network bit. The documentation on that is very vague tbh and could be improved.

    We are going live with a RHEL OSP environment in the next coming weeks as a public cloud and we are rolling with OSP6 now cause it was easier to roll out.

    I would appreciate it alot! 🙂

    1. Hi Tobias,

      As I mentioned to one of your fellow readers, I’m actually getting trained on it this week as we speak. 🙂

      Captain KVM

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