PackStack for RHEL-OSP Revisited

Hi folks,

In today’s post we’re going to revisit our old standby tool, “PackStack”. Why? Because it’s worth remembering that it’s a solid tool to work with, even if it’s not very flexible. As much time as I spent on the RHEL-OSP Installer, what if you just want to stand up 2 or 3 nodes and be done with it? The Installer might be overkill. But then again, what if you want to duplicate what I did regarding the network prep in the Installer with PackStack?

Boom! That’s ~exactly~ what we’re doing today. Continue reading “PackStack for RHEL-OSP Revisited”

Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt3

Hi folks,

In the last 2 posts we covered creating a custom cloud image for RHEL, then editing it with “guest fish”. Today, I’ll introduce you to another tool called “oz” as we continue our journey into creating custom cloud images. The way we did things last time using “virt-manager” is fine if you’re doing an image here or there.. but let’s face it, walking through anaconda is cumbersome. Granted, I showed you how to do things using the CLI and kickstart, but I think you’ll like this way even better. Continue reading “Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt3”