Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt2

In the last post, I essentially kicked off a new multipart series on creating custom cloud images for RHEL, Fedora, and CentOS. I showed you the basics for RHEL, then said I would follow up with Fedora or CentOS. I lied. I decided that I wanted to show you a little fun with “GuestFish” (guestfs, libguestfs) first. It’ll be a quick post with some links to take you further should you want to take things deeper… Continue reading “Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt2”

Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt1

Hi folks,

We previously finished our multi-part series on deploying RHEL-OSP with the RHEL-OSP-Installer. In a few weeks, if all goes according to plan I’ll fire up a new series on the next gen installer… In the mean time, I’d like to show you some useful things to do once you’ve got everything up and running. So what’s up first? Well, as the title suggests, we’re going to create some custom images.

Specifically for RHEL, Fedora, and CentOS. Our new and current multi-part series… Continue reading “Custom Cloud Images for OpenStack pt1”

OpenStack Installer pt8 – Full HA

Hi Folks,

We’re finally here. The Big Enchilada. The Full Monty. The Full HA. It’s actually not as scary as it seems. But it should be… what I mean is that we should take the time machine back a year so that you could do all of the HA stuff manually. That way you could feel the pain of your own typos as you set up 100 different services under cluster services.. The trepidation of starting things up after 3 weeks of following directions to the “T”, wondering “is this going to work” or “am I going to drop to the floor in fetal position as my co-workers mock me”?

That way, you could see what a luxury 90 minutes for a 4 node cluster is.. 🙂 Continue reading “OpenStack Installer pt8 – Full HA”