OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt7 – (Updates for RHEL-OSP 6)

Hi folks,

In the last post, I mentioned that with any luck the next post would include a full HA deployment. Little did I know how (almost) true that would be. On Feb 9, RHEL-OSP 6 “dropped” (was released) and was “officially released” (full fanfare) on Feb 17. Last week’s release also included a full update to the RHEL-OSP Installer.

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OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt6

If all went well with your deployment of the RHEL-OSP Installer, then you likely didn’t wait for me to do a post on how to put up a cursory instance or two. If you fall into that category, good for you. If you’re really new to this stuff and were patient, that’s okay too. We’re going to not only stand up an instance, but all of the little things that you need to do as well.

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OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt5 – troubleshooting

Hi folks,

So in the last post, I finally gave up the goods and showed you how to use the RHEL-OSP Installer to blow out a 3-node non-HA OpenStack deployment. Hopefully, it worked for you without any issue whatsoever. What would be even better, is if you ran into at least 1 or 2 problems..

Yes, you heard me (read me) right. I hope you ran into 1 or 2 problems. Read on, and I’ll tell you why.. Continue reading “OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt5 – troubleshooting”