OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt4

Hi Folks,

It only took us 4 posts to get to the brass tacks. I suppose I could have gotten here sooner, but I wanted to be sure I covered the bases properly along the way. The background, the lab, the host OS, and the installation of the application itself – otherwise the blog post would have been HUGE. (This still ended up being a larger post.) I’ve got one more huge suggestion before we start deploying nodes.

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OpenStack Installer (for RHEL-OSP) pt3

What is going here? 3 posts in a few weeks? What can I say, give me a little time and something cool to write about and I can pull it off. The addition of real lab equipment helps tremendously too.

In the first 2 parts, we talked about the Installer itself and why it’s needed. Then we deployed a system to host it. Today’s addition to the multi-part series picks up right where we left off from the last post. The video ended with a RHEL 6.5 (updated to RHEL 6.6+) host ready to roll in the context of deploying the RHEL-OSP Installer.

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