Moving Back to Red Hat

Hi folks,

After 4.5 years of awesome at NetApp, it’s time to go.. back to Red Hat. What does this mean for “Captain KVM” or location or millions thousands 10-12 loyal readers?

Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t change much from the content standpoint. There might be a little less focus on storage, but it certainly won’t be removed. And the big thing, KVM, will likely grow… My primary tech focus will be RHEL-OSP and NFV (network function virtualization). 80% of OpenStack and 100% of RHEL-OSP is deployed on KVM, so this remains relevant and key to this blog.

I’m not even moving.. I was 30-40 minutes from NetApp’s RTP campus, and I’m 12 minutes door-to-door from Red Hat Tower… but because of my new role, I’m actually listed as a “remote employee”.. so no desk at the tower for me. (There’s a Seinfeld/Soup Nazi joke in there somewhere..)

So this is really the evolution of my career as it follows the evolution of KVM.. I think it’s pretty cool.

Captain KVM

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