See you at Red Hat Summit!

Hi folks,

Once again, I’m behind in posting and once again Red Hat Summit is upon us!! The truth is that I’m behind in writing not because there isn’t anything to write about, but because there has been so much going on – including Summit!Most of you know that much of my KVM work has progressed into OpenStack, notably RHEL-OSP. Don’t worry, I’m still involved with RHEV, and I plan to updated the NetApp/Red Hat best practices with the next major release. In the mean time, everyone at NetApp and Red Hat is getting mugged for OpenStack help and guidance. To that end, I’ve been working heads down since the end of last summer on testing and validating RHEL-OSP on NetApp. I released a 22 page document the week before the Hong Kong OpenStack Summit in November that covered RHEL-OSP 3, and then dove in head first when I came back to work on RHEL-OSP 4.

I have to say, I really love this stuff. It’s very new, exciting, and the potential is huge. So what’s coming out next? I’m glad you asked. I have a full blown technical report (TR) that will be published no later than April 11 to the NetApp Tech Library. The really big difference between what I wrote in November versus now is the depth. Last fall, I had enough time to put together something that would enable someone to put together their own “proof-of-concept”, but not much more. This newer effort is twice as large, and covers best practices, considerations, and really lays out exactly how NetApp Clustered ONTAP enables and integrates with OpenStack, especially RHEL-OSP.

You can check out the TR when it comes out late next week, or you can come ask me about it at Red Hat Summit the week after. If you’re facing the Red Hat booth, we’re to the right, just next to Cisco. Which is very convenient as I’ve invited Steven Carter of Cisco and Art Enright of Red Hat to join me on stage to cover “Deploying OpenStack in the Enterprise”. We’ll highlight how we deployed things in the context of a converged infrastructure, including scale out storage, storage defined networking, and of course RHEL-OSP. That’s Wednesday afternoon at 3:40 if you’re interested.

I also have a short 20 minute session on Tuesday afternoon that covers some specifics in how NetApp enables and integrates with RHEL-OSP. I’ve even included a little “mythbusting” to the session.

I look forward to seeing everyone this year!!

Captain KVM

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