Using NetApp Cinder Drivers with OpenStack

Hi folks,

Earlier in the week I talked about how NetApp and OpenStack weren’t such an odd coupling of technologies. I wanted to take things just a little further in this post and show you how to use NetApp storage with OpenStack. Specifically, we’re going to use NetApp storage for Cinder and Glance. And while Glance won’t require anything special, Cinder will require a little driver configuration.

Let’s get to it. Continue reading “Using NetApp Cinder Drivers with OpenStack”

OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple

Hi Folks,

I just got back from LinuxCon, KVM Forum, and oVirt Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the city. It’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. One of the questions that came up frequently, whether asked directly to me or indirectly (overheard), was what is NetApp doing here? The other one was, “why is NetApp getting involved with OpenStack”? The second one seemed to have quite a bit of resentment in addition to the genuine curiosity. Back to that later. Continue reading “OpenStack & NetApp: Not Such an Odd Couple”