NetApp Joins the OVA

Hi folks,

I’m proud to announce that NetApp has formally joined the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) as a governing member, joining the founding member companies HP, IBM, Intel, and Red Hat. You’ll have to excuse me while I temporarily put down my “Captain KVM hat” and put on my “NetApp hat”.

I can already hear you ask, “what is the OVA, and why should I care?” (I won’t make you wait for the answer.)

The OVA is a group of 5 governing companies and hundreds of member companies that develop and/or add value to open source virtualization solutions – namely around my favorite hypervisor, KVM. Think of it as the volunteer marketing partner of oVirt. Both organizations foster the KVM ecosystem, but in different ways. oVirt is where the action is (sorry, OVA) and OVA is where the thoughts, ideals, and solutions are promoted.

So why is this important and what’s with the sudden rush of open source commitments from NetApp? (I actually hear the second question quite a bit..) The truth is that NetApp has a long history of contributing to open source. Most folks don’t know that NetApp maintains the Linux NFS Client stack, or that we are a founding member of the Linux Foundation, or that we were the 7th biggest contributor for the 2.6.23 Linux kernel (not sure where we are at the moment). And most of my readers know that I’m on the board for oVirt.

My point is that we’ve long been involved with open source. We’re also heavily involved in some of the biggest standards groups as well, such as the Ethernet Alliance, Fibre Channel Industry Association, IETF, OpenStack Foundation, and many, many more.

But why? It’s simple – it keeps us (all of us in the OVA) on the forefront of innovation and it demonstrates our commitment to open standards to our customers. It means that you can depend on us to provide you with a solution that is built on standards and in conjunction with other open source and open source contributing companies.

Our joining the OVA is both our renewed commitment to open source as well as the recognition of the other board members of our leadership role

With that, congratulations to Dimitrios Dovas, NetApp’s Senior Director of Cloud Solutions for being named to the governing board, and congratulations to Denise Ridolfo and David Dale, both from NetApp’s Office of the CTO for joining the OVA marketing committee.

If you’d like a little more info, take a peek at

I’ll go put my “Captain KVM hat” on again.

Captain KVM

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