Update to Red Hat Summit session

Hi all,

I have some updates on my Red Hat Summit session that I’d like to share. This will be my 3rd year in a row that I’ve presented, and I’m bringing friends from both NetApp and Red Hat to discuss “Scaling Out Tier-1 Applications with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization & Clustered ONTAP”.

So what exactly does that mean?

Well, hopefully you know what RHEV is at this point, and I’m sure you’ve heard about Oracle 11g RAC. It’s fairly easy to add hypervisors to the RHEV environment, and it’s not too terribly difficult to add additional RAC nodes to your database environment. However, it really comes down to your storage; you can’t scale out any faster than your underlying storage. That’s where NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP comes in.

You can think of Clustered ONTAP as a storage hypervisor. Instead of a traditional virtual machine, we have Virtual Servers that provide storage resources. All of the storage volumes and storage interfaces are decoupled from the physical hardware, allowing you to transparently add capacity, add performance, migrate volumes across the cluster, and migrate storage interfaces as necessary – without any disruption to the existing storage, applications, or users. I’ve written a post or 2 in the past and I highly recommend you look into Clustered ONTAP…

The first half of the session will discuss how combining RHEV and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP can be used to scale out tier 1 applications such as Oracle 11g RAC. The scale out will segue right into the second piece of the session.

The second piece is the Virtual Storage Console that we’ve been hard at work on. When RHEV 3.2 ships, it will include a plug-in framework created by some really smart guys. The VSC for RHEV (v1.0*) will take advantage of that framework in order to perform the following actions:

  • Provide a NetApp specific tab in RHEV-M
  • Discover & Provision NetApp NFS storage
  • Rapid Cloning for NFS-based VMs, using the NetApp array

The development of the VSC for RHEV is all happening in oVirt and will be consumed by RHEV. So what’s the (*) above? Quite simply, I’m not sure if the VSC will be in ‘beta’ or GA at the time of Summit, but we’ll definitely have something to show you. This is something that we’ve been working very hard at in collaboration with Red Hat and oVirt. Later versions will include support for block storage as well. (most of the RHEV on NetApp deployments that we’ve seen thus far have been on NFS, so….)

So when is the session?

  • Red Hat Summit, Boston, MA
  • Thursday, June 13, 4:50pm to 5:50pm

Hope to see you there!!

Captain KVM


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