Recap of the January 2013 oVirt Workshop

The first oVirt Workshop of 2013 was held this past week at NetApp headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. It was a great event and couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout as these workshops are critical to growing the oVirt community of developers and users. Before I get into why it was a success and some of my favorite highlights, I’d like to provide a little background as to what oVirt is as well as why it is important to NetApp. Continue reading “Recap of the January 2013 oVirt Workshop”

Lab Rebuilt & Initial Thoughts on RHEV 3.1

Hi all,

It’s been several weeks (eons in internet time) since I posted anything. Holidays, shutdowns, health issues, and my day job have kept me away from the blogosphere. And Twittersphere as well. (Is that really a word??) Continue reading “Lab Rebuilt & Initial Thoughts on RHEV 3.1”