Why the name, “Captain KVM”?

Here is something that I get asked periodically – what’s with the goofy blog and twitter handle of “Captain KVM”

It came out of a funny conversation I was having with my friend & NetApp co-worker Scott around September of 2011. I was ready to start a blog and I knew I wanted it to have a strong focus on KVM with enterprise storage. We had tossed around a few names like “virtual this” or “V-that”. And honestly, that all sounded awful and over-done. Scott just happened to blurt out “Captain KVM”, and I started laughing because all I could think of was “Captain Caveman” – an animated super hero from the late ’70s and ’80s.

Anyway, I liked the idea because of the similarity of sounds between “KVM” and “Caveman”. But it also shows that I have a sense of humor, however bad, and that I enjoy injecting that humor in the sharing of knowledge. What sealed it was this: Scott hand drew the blog banner and found a Captain Caveman graphic that he placed on the banner. At that point, there was no choosing any other moniker; it was done.

Captain KVM

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