Small Meetings & Over-Architecting Solutions

Man, it’s been forever since I posted anything. At least it feels like it. I’ve actually started a few articles, but my heart wasn’t in the specific topics. I don’t want to write a blog “just to hear myself speak” or just to blather on about trendy buzzwords.

I want to have an impact on the daily life of my fellow technologists, especially those that work with virtualization and storage. Continue reading “Small Meetings & Over-Architecting Solutions”

Vmware Dependency on Linux

Disclaimer – This is actually a re-post of a colleague’s Google+ post. I did not author this, nor am I claiming credit for this. Andrew Cathrow originally posted this on April 8. I just thought enough of it to repost it here. Additionally, while my preference/bias is clearly slanted towards KVM, VMware does have a solid product. They’re just not up front about their dependencies…

VMware has a lot of rather deceptive marketing around KVM and Linux.  They have gone to great pains to hide their complete reliance on open source and Linux in particular.  You may be saying to yourself “that was in the past but today with ESXi there is no more Linux because they removed the service console”.

You’d be wrong, actually you’d be really, really wrong. Continue reading “Vmware Dependency on Linux”